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When you need a team of IT people, don’t go for the same old IT guy, find a company that specializes in what you need! We offer premium services that manage all of your IT needs.







Our Services

Managed Services

Uptime Is Important

We help you plan for disasters you might not expect. Our dedicated support team monitors common failure points on your systems and network to stay pro-active against downtime.

Our clients can feel safe knowing that we keep a server at their location to act as a standby to get you back to work ASAP. 

Secure Backups

Backups are your primary defense against natural disaster and ransomware. It’s important to not only keep backups onsite and offsite, but also to test your backups frequently.

Our solution will test your backups once per day in the cloud and monitor for ransomware. We manually test backups onsite once a month to make sure everything is working properly and that we can respond to an emergency with the most recent backup. 

Safe & Secure

Security is number one in the IT industry, 60% of small businesses shutdown after a ransomware attack so it is important to cover all entryways to your systems. User training, web & email filtering, antivirus, firewalls and network segmentation. You are not protected unless you cover all areas of your network and systems.

Dedicated Support

8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. We try to respond to all problems within 8 hours. As a managed customer, emergency response time is less than 2 hours. When we are not working with customers we are monitoring your systems for problems and fixing them before they cause downtime.

Our Features

What we do

Mobile devices are the hardest to protect and manage. We have tools that can remotely wipe and lock devices if they are stolen.

Monitoring what is being sent to the internet can indicate hackers stealing your data.

Wireless network management and isolation for guest networks should be a primary concern for businesses because it is the weakest link in security.

Encripting your backups and important files can prevent easy theft of files.

We monitor your firewall and servers to detect what is happening in your environment and track strange behavior from computers on your network.


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